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  • △ No Blue Light / no StroboflashTested by professionalinstitutions, provides good protection for users' eyes, without stroboflash and blue light hazard
  • △ Asymmetric Light Source Asymmetric light source distributes the light forward to light up the desktop, rather than the screen, reducing screen reflection and glare, without hurting the eyes when work and play games at night.
  • △USB Power Supply
  • It is provided with a Type-C charging cable that can be used after plugging.
  • △ Simple Alloy Process
  • The lines are simple and smooth, with light luxury aluminum alloy material, which is beautiful and textured, not occupying desktop space.
  • △ Touch Control for Stepless Dimming
  • Brightness adjusted steplessly through touch control, meet the brightness needs of different environments and different groups of people.
  • Feature 1: Asymmetric light source,USB power supply light
  • Feature 2: Touch control for stepless dimming
  • Feature 3: Dimmable Monitor Screen Light
  • Feature 4: USB LED Desk Lamp,Bar Table Lamp
  • Type 1: LED Table Lamp,LED Desk Lamps
  • Type 2: Eye Protection Reading Lamp
  • Type 3: LED Monitor Light, Monitor Screen Hanging Light
  • Type 4: Screen book LED Desk Lamp
  • Type 5: PC Computer Laptop Screen Bar Hanging Light